Pillar Page

What is a Pillar Page?

You should implement technical SEO in your online content to drastically increase its reach to search engine users. Blogging for your small business is a powerful content marketing strategy. When technical SEO is used in your small business blog, your conversion traffic will increase. As long as your blogs and the rest of your site has good UX design and useful content, you will have a high conversion rate for all the traffic your optimized blogs brings to your site.

A pillar page is a technical SEO strategy that creates a simplified site map for your small business blogs, allowing search engine bots to easily find, crawl, and index your blog posts. Search engines are then more capable of matching your content associated with the pillar page to relevant search queries. Content associated with the pillar page are linked and related by topic, which provides a good user experience where the user can find all content relevant to the very topic they had searched for in the search engine.

So what is a pillar page? A pillar page is a web page that houses a topic article, which is broken into segments. Each segment is a sub-topic about the main topic with one to two paragraphs that preview the full blog post. At the end of each segment is a link to the full article.

An example of this would be a topic article about How to Take Care of a Puppy with a few paragraphs summarizing the topic. Then sub-topics about How to Feed a Puppy, 5 Things to Do When Taking Your Puppy to the Vet, and Where to Find a Good Dog Park for a Puppy. Each sub-topic is brand new copy that previews the full blog article it links to. Each full article should also link back to the pillar page. For good UX, there should be a interactive glossary section right after the topic page summary so the user can choose which sub-topic they want to read next and be taken to it with a simple click.

A common mistake company’s perform is just copying the first few paragraphs of the blog articles to the pillar page’s sub-topic sections. While the search engines will not punish your small business website or its web pages for having duplicate content, search engines rank original content better. Website visitors do not like to waste time reading duplicate content and when they see this it makes the site appear suspicious and jeopardizes the brand’s credibility, which is very important in converting leads.

For more details about how a pillar page can help your site increase its conversion traffic, you can contact us. We are small business SEO experts and can build pillar pages for you to improve your website’s traffic performance.

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