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Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as search engine advertising, can create a large amount of web traffic in a short amount of time. When the right strategies are implemented, a campaign can bring a high number of conversions much quicker than SEO. However, you pay for every time the ad performs, no matter if there was a conversion or not.

This is why PPC management for small businesses needs to focus on search intention before a campaign is even built. When you build a pay per click campaign to attract as much traffic as possible using common keywords, which can be great for brand awareness for a new company or a product launch, your conversion traffic will be low. You have to analyze how your target audience searches when they are in the buying cycle to build a campaign that attracts conversion traffic. Then build a campaign with the right content to move the user from each part of the buying cycle until they become a client.

Search engine advertising is a great web marketing tool for increasing leads and sales when performed correctly. PPC is not a quick fix for bad marketing and can lead to wasting money when planning is not done. That is why when we perform PPC management for small businesses, we always create a customized online advertising strategy for every client. We can work with you to analyze how your target users search and build the right search engine advertising campaigns for your brand.

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