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How UX Design Influences Small Business Lead Conversions

Benefits of UX Design

Your small business website needs to always have the user in mind. Each web page needs to provide the user with an experience that is user-friendly and engaging. A common mistake small business owners make is creating a site that they like without considering if their target user will like it too.

When this happens, users tend to leave the small business website after only a few seconds. Of course, this means no conversions, but also causes the site’s SEO performance to suffer due to a high bounce rate. Search engines do not like it when you have a high percentage of your users only visiting one page and then leaving the site without engaging in any other on site activity.

This tells the search engines users do not like your site and search engines will translate this into meaning your site does not have relevant content to your target audience. This will lead to search engines not referring your site to your target users when they search for content related to your site. Instead, search engines will refer your competitors that are performing better in UX design and small business SEO.

To get you started on the right path to designing a stellar user experience, you should think about what issues your target user is trying to solve when online and how your site can solve those issues. When you design your website around the user then good SEO practices will come more naturally, which will help you design a website for your small business that will outperform your competition.

The site with the best design is not about beauty, it is about user satisfaction. When the user is satisfied with your site their engagement will give you more chances to convert them as a lead or even a sale since they will spend more time on your site. Also, good UX design is a major influence in good SEO, meaning search engines can send more users to your site providing it with more opportunities for conversions.

We can help you with establishing good UX design on your site. If you don’t have a site, we can build one for you. Just contact us to get started.

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