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Just because you can pick the domain name you want for your small business doesn’t mean you should. Especially when the only reason is because it sounds good. Going after a domain name without thinking about the technical side can lead to you making other mistakes. Such as getting away from buying the .com top level domain and using .biz or .net because that was the only way to buy that cool sounding domain name. You then decide to add a hyphen in between the words that comprise the domain to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Never mind the consequence of making the URL more challenging for users to remember.

Sure, a cool sounding domain name would be nice. But it is better to have one that represents your brand, is easy to remember, is simple to type, and is search engine optimized. Forego names that are only unique and not representative of your brand, products, or services. Your domain name should make sense to what your small business is trying to solve. You can choose to be like large companies with unique domains, but keep in mind that these companies typically have a big marketing budget to familiarize their target audience with their name.

A small business such as yours shouldn’t spend marketing dollars on helping people understand what your domain name means. Your name should already define what your company does for your target audience. While there are much cooler names than, we have a name that tells exactly what we do for our clientele. We don’t have to waste ad spend on defining what we do, unlike if we were to use a cooler sounding name such as . We do like that domain name, but what does it actually mean?

You don’t want your target users to be asking the same question when they first here your domain name. You also don’t want to make it hard to type your name. It is a common mistake for small business owners to add numbers, hyphens, and other clever devices to try to make their domain name stand out against the competition. They figure if they are using a name that is easy to remember then it should be easy to type too. That is not the case. Your small business should have a domain name that users can easily type when they hear it. This will make your marketing more effective.

You can use a domain name generator to help you find the name you want. You can also login into a web hosting service such as GoDaddy or Bluehost to search for available domain names. We recommend using Google Keyword Planner, which is free, to search for keywords that define the main issues your brand solves for its target audience. This way you can incorporate SEO directly into your domain name. We decided to pick “leads” for our domain name since this is the main issue our brand solves for our target audience, small businesses, and is a highly searched for keyword. After all, every small business wants more high-quality leads.

You can see we decided not to hyphenate leadsbringer and we didn’t want to make the spelling unique such What you type is what your hear, limiting the chances of typos and suffering web traffic. People are not searching for “leadz”, anyway, when trying to find the solution to their marketing issue, they are searching for “leads”. A domain name generator can give you the wrong ideas. Such as providing names that stir the imagination, but don’t provide clear definitions of their meaning. So when using a domain name generator just keep what we had said in mind.

When you use a web hosting service to buy a domain name, you need to be wary about their recommendations. Stay clear from buying former domain names they are trying to sell to you. One, they are always over priced. Two, you always risk the chance of inheriting any bad history the name has with the public. Who wants to start their website launch on the wrong foot? It is better to create a brand new domain name. This will also be much more cost effective for your small business.

So to recap, you wan to create a domain name that represents your brand, is easy to remember, is simple to type and is search engine optimized. You don’t want to buy a domain name that has been used since they are always over priced and can have bad history with the public. It is better to use Google Keyword Planner instead of a domain name generator to help you find not only the right name for your brand, but one that is search engine optimized. When you choose to dismiss the technical side of choosing a domain name, you risk creating a cool sounding domain name that is hard to spell and challenging to remember, which will cause your web traffic to suffer.

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