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How to find the right topic for your small business blog does not have to be hard. All you need is Google Keyword Planner and a little bit of your time. A common mistake that smb businesses make is creating a blog where the content is about what THEY want and not what their target audience wants. Why bother writing a blog blindly and hoping for the best engagement?

Instead, you should use Keyword Planner to research what your target users are searching for and write content in response to their search intentions. This will create optimized content that users will engage with and will lead to your small business website getting more online conversions. For example, if you have an auto repair business in Cleveland you want to use Google Keyword Planner to find how users in your service area are searching for all the services your business offers.

In this example, we will enter just two broad keywords that define your services. In the same menu you want to change your target area to match your keyword queries. So, in this case you would change it to Cleveland, Ohio. This will ensure you are only targeting Google users in Cleveland, Ohio searching for auto repair services. You don’t want to get keyword data mixed in with people from regions outside of your service areas.      

When we look at how Google users in Cleveland, Ohio are searching for car repair and auto shops we get the below example. We see when Clevelanders search for car repair they are interested in local mechanics. So, you want to give them what they are looking for. You want to focus your blog content on your local services such as 5 Tips to Find a Great Cleveland Mechanic, 10 Things to Ask Your Cleveland Mechanic, and 5 Reasons This is the Best Cleveland Auto Shop. You should also make sure your small business website has an interactive map for mobile users, your physical location, customer reviews, and hours of operation. You can include this data or their page links in your blog posts.

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
mechanic near me1000
auto repair near me1000
auto repair720
auto shop near me720
car repair near me590
transmission shop320
car repair320
auto repair shops near me320
transmission shop near me320
mechanic shop near me260

Since your target audience is mostly concerned with locality, you should make your blog about local topics beyond your services. In this example you are a local business with one service area, your content should revolve around everything you do as a business in the Cleveland community. The corporate blog should be segmented into different categories that cover more than Cleveland auto repair. Any client appreciation events you hold in your area should be published. You should have a section about your local partner vendors, which is also a great guest blogging opportunity to link build and further boost your site’s SEO. You should have a blog section where you write about client stories, where each post centers on how your local shop helped a specific client.

A common mistake that small and medium-sized businesses make is writing beyond their service locations and having their content compete with large national chains. You are a small business, so you want to compete with other small businesses and keep your content local. If you are a medium-sized business, then only focus content around all the areas that your business services. There is no need to waste time on competing with other businesses for a target audience that will never visit your location.

After you publish your articles, your work is not done. You should analyze your articles’ performances each month to see how each topic does with engagement. Below is an example of performance metrics from a real estate blog. You can use this method to find the best topics to expand on. You can either go back and add new information to blogs that are performing well to give them new life. Or you can write another topic that compliments the first post. In this example, it is recommended to create a pillar page about Home Selling Tips.

The pillar page should include 2-3 intro paragraphs for articles 2, 3, 7 and 9 in the above chart and then links to those full articles. Each of those articles should be updated with a link back to the pillar page. Then new articles about Home Selling Tips can be included for the pillar page. Pillar pages are great for boosting SEO and UX for your website. For one, pillar pages allow easy site navigation for users and search engine robots to find your content since it will be better organized. Your content will also be better in quality since there will be more subtopic articles to support each main topic. This will boost user engagement through providing users more detailed content to digest. Furthermore, your blog will consist of content that users are searching for instead of what you want them to read.  

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