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3 Ways Small Business Marketing Automation is Powerful

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Have you heard about small business marketing automation? If not, you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool that can turn old leads into sales and prospects that had originally said no to your marketing messages into loyal customers.

Lead nurturing is a crucial part of small business marketing since most sales do not happen after the first web visit. When someone fills out a form on your website for more information about your product or services, you have to keep them thinking about your brand and your solutions in order to have them come back to complete the sale.

There are 3 ways SMB business marketing automation is a powerful marketing tool. After you read about them, we recommend you start automating at least one of your marketing channels. We guarantee you will get amazing results.

  1. 1. Marketing Automation Can Deliver the Information Your Target Audience Wants at the Right Time

The first step to a successful small business marketing automation channel is creating the right triggers that properly segment the marketing collateral. Again, you want the right message to be delivered to the right people at the right time since this equates to a high conversion rate. You can create criteria for your target audience to match a trigger that will automatically place them in an automated marketing workflow which will deliver the right marketing messages to them.

For instance, you can create a trigger that will place web visitors who had went to your web page about dog collars in a marketing workflow that will send them timed texts and emails about dog collars. We recommend you share not just overall product information, but deals and discounts. You can even get very specific with your product marketing automation. If they clicked on a certain brand in the dog collar workflow then you can set the workflow to just show them emails and texts about that specific brand. This is how you can increase your conversion rate.

2. You Can Adapt Your Marketing Automation to How Your Target Audience Interacts with Your Marketing Messages

One of the greatest things about setting up a small business marketing workflow is that it is not set in stone. While the workflow is live and leads are in it, you can add more to it. Why? Well, marketing automation programs allow you to look at performance results of each marketing message in your workflow. You can then adapt your workflow to how users are interacting with previous marketing content.

We recommend to review how your workflow is performing at least once a week. You can determine what marketing messages need to go and which need to be reiterated or discussed in more detail based on analyzed performances. This will improve the effectiveness of your workflows nurturing small business leads.

3. You Can Automatically Move Audiences into the Marketing Workflows They Want

When you have multiple automation workflows each one should have a trigger at the beginning which determines who will be automatically placed in the workflow. This means a web user will get the right message or messages depending on their interaction with your brand. So for example, a web user came to your car dealership website and filled out a form that stated they wanted to buy a car. The trigger you had set in your car buyer workflow places them automatically in that workflow. Now they get timed texts and emails about car buying tips and deals.

On day 11 of the workflow you created a second trigger that will place the lead into the car seller workflow if they said they wanted to first sell their car before they bought a new car in an automated email from the car buyer workflow. What this does is tell you the lead is interested in buying and selling a car and needs info on both processes. Meanwhile, you will have small business leads in the car buyer workflow that never set off the trigger of the car seller workflow because in the email they stated they didn’t need to sell a car before they bought a new one. Meaning they are only interested in buying a car and will then only receive marketing messages about car buying. Your brand giving the lead exactly what they want will only enhance your image, build your credibility, keep your brand on their mind, and increase your chances of turning them into a customer.

If you have any questions about building small business marketing automation workflows, you can contact us for help. We are marketing automation experts and enjoy helping businesses work smarter by building enhanced marketing processes for them.

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