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3 Tips to Better Utilize Small Business SEO Tools

Small Business SEO

Yoast SEO is a great tool for small businesses that have their websites built on WordPress. Especially for business owners who don’t have an advanced understanding of small business search engine optimization. It has a simple user interface that analyzes your web content and is easy to implement its SEO recommendations.

It is best to know small business SEO when using Yoast SEO to ensure there are no gaps in your search engine optimization strategies. Writing content centered on active and passive user intent, performing keyword research to create the right meta data, and finding engaging topics based on online forum inquiries are a few examples of small business search engine optimization that you should understand. This article will discuss a few SEO strategies for your smb business and why they are implemented. Then you can implement these strategies while using search engine optimization tools like Yoast SEO to get better results for your business.

1. Keyword Research to Find Search Intent

When someone searches for a product or service on a search engine there are two types of intent: passive and active. Passive intent is not as obvious as active intent, but it is just as important to understand as a business owner so you can provide the right information. When someone searches the term “best dentists in Pepper Pike, Ohio” their active intention is to find a list of local dentists. Their passive intention is to find reviews and directions to the dentist.

If you are a dentist in Pepper Pike, Ohio and you discovered through your keyword research that “best dentist in Pepper Pike, Ohio” is a search term with good search traffic, then you should have the content to match all passive and active intentions on your site. You should have a page that has a map API so site visitors can use their mobile phones to GPS your location. You should have reviews on your site. For the active intent, your content should explain why you are best dentist in Pepper Pike, Ohio.

2. Optimize Your Site Copy and Meta Data

Yoast SEO will analyze your content to make sure it has the right keyword saturation, which should be at least 2 percent of overall page copy. However, you have to provide the software with the keywords it needs to analyze ahead of time. You should be performing keyword research anyway to build a small business content strategy around what your target audience is searching for. Again, matching your site content with searchers’ active and passive intent.

When you build your keyword lists to implement in you website copy and meta data, you should not just repeat the same keywords. You should use latent semantic indexing when implementing your keyword strategy. This means having your keywords relate in context. This will help search engines understand the content it is indexing, so your website will be better matched with searches. For instance, LSI keywords under the topic of mountain biking would be hard tails, full suspension bikes, fat bikes, trail bikes, dirt jumpers, and XC bikes.

3. Research the Problems Your Target Users are Trying to Solve

Your keyword research will reveal literal questions your target users are typing into the search engines to get answered. You should take those questions to write content to answer them directly. Too many small businesses are concerned with using their websites to just promote how wonderful their brand is. The site should have content that specifically solves the problems of your target users, especially common ones.

You should also go to sites such as Reddit, Facebook, and Quora and follow the groups where your target users hang out to see what questions they are asking. You should use those sites to also ask questions directly to your users to find out more about them to create more engaging content for your smb business website. When you do this, you will be able to build a better small business content marketing strategy that will establish your brand as a top resource in your industry. When this happens your link building will drastically improve, since you will have users and other websites linking to your site as a source.


Search engine optimization tools for small businesses are more effective the more advanced the user is in understanding SEO. So, you should take the time to learn how SEO works and its strategies to better utilize tools like Yoast SEO. If you don’t have the time to learn advanced SEO, then you can contact us to help you. Our passion at Leads Bringer is to help businesses like yours build a strong digital presence.

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